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Microforms are non-circulating photographic reductions of print materials produced in the interest of saving space,obtaining or preserving rare or heavily used materials, or providing duplicate copies. Newman Library has a microforms collection numbering near 6 million items, including prints of books, magazines, newspapers, and engineering and technical reports.

The Microforms collection has three formats:

  • Microfilm is a roll of film. The microfilm section is characterized by YELLOW drawer labels. Microfilm is arranged by Library of Congress call number or by film number.
  • Microfiche is a 3"x5" or 4"x6" flat transparent sheet of film. Microfiche is found in the BLUE labeled drawers. Microfiche is arranged by Library of Congress call number or by collection.
  • Microcard is an opaque sheet of paper. Microcards are found on PINK labeled shelves and drawers. Microcards are arranged by Library of Congress call number or collection.

Color-coded maps showing microfilm in yellow, microfiche in blue and microcard in pink are posted throughout the area. Hanging colored banners in the area also identify the three formats.

Readers and printers for all three types of microforms are available in Newman Library. Photocopies of microform images are free.

Finding microform materials

To find microform materials, you can:

  • search Addison (portions of the following collections are not in Addison; search the microform card catalog which is located in the microfiche section for the unindexed portions of these collections)
    • Early English books. 1641-1700 (Z2002 .U577)
    • Library of American Civilization (E169.1 .L536)
    • Library of English Literature (PR1101 .L5)
    • Wright American Fiction (PS 643 .W7)
  • consult the index to a particular collection
  • or search the Microform card catalog which is located in the microfiche section.

If you have any questions interpreting indexes or information on Addison, consult a reference librarian at either Reference Desk.

Please do not refile microforms. Place materials on the red refiling cart in the Microform area.