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Register for Sage's Email Alert service that allows you to receive via email the table of contents, call for papers information, special issue announcements, and other product information for any Sage Publications, Sage Science Press, or Corwin Press journal approximately four to six weeks prior to publication. You can receive Table of Content alerts when a new issue is published, an alert when new content matching a saved search is added to the database, and an alert when a preselected article is cited by another article in the database.

You will need to register to create an account at Sage. once you have successfully created an account and logged in, use the My Alert Summary & Preferences link to manage your alerts.

To create a Table of Contents alert, browse the list of journals by subject or alphabetically. For each journal in question, there will be four check boxes:

Table of Contents
Receive the complete tables of contents of the newest issue
TOC Awareness
Receive notification that a new issue is available online
Receive special announcements from this journal
Receive content prior to print publication. Content is final except for pagination

Select the options for each journal and use the Save Content Alerts button at the bottom of the list. To modify options later, return to the list, uncheck the box and update.

To create a search alert, use the Advanced Search tab and enter your search criteria. Use the Modify This Search link to focus your search results (a more focused search will give a smaller set of results each time the alert is run). Once you are happy with your search results, switch to the Search History tab. Use the Save As Alert link to add to your list of alerts.

Return to your account page to update or delete any alerts you have created.

After you have received an alert...

You can encounter two issues in received alerts:

Inability to access the item off campus

Make sure you are either connected to the VPN or through Off Campus Sign In.For the VPN, be sure to select the option to send all traffic through the VPN. Emailed links rarely include access through Off Campus Sign In,. but you can install the LibX browser extension, then either right-click the link in your browser and choose to follow the link via Off Campus Sign In, or go to the link, then right-click the page and reload it through Off Campus Sign In.

Inability to access the item through the publisher's site

You may be alerted to a new publication through a publisher's site, but we have access through a different source. If you cannot access the item even using Off Campus Sign In or the VPN, search the Journal Title Database to see if the journal issue is available through a different provider. For journal articles not available locally, submit a request through ILLiad.