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MetaPress RSS feeds

You can create an RSS feed for any search you run in MetaPress (but you should create as focused a search as possible to keep the number of search results and therefor feed items to a minimum). Simply perform a a search and look for the RSS feed icon at the top right of the search results.

What you do next depends on what RSS feed software you use. In some cases, you would simply click the icon to automatically subscribe to the feed. In other cases, you should copy the feed address and paste or import that URL into your feed software. Your feed should update whenever new content matching your search criteria is added to the MetaPress database.

You can subscribe to a Table of Contents feed that updates whenever a new issue of a journal is added to the MetaPress database. Either search for a topic as above, then click the title of the journal in the search results list, or browse journal titles using the Journals link on the MetaPress homepage. When viewing a journal's homepage, look for the RSS feed icon at the top right of the search results. Copy the feed address and paste that URL into your feed reader.

Accessing content from RSS feeds

Most RSS feeds will not work through Off Campus Sign In; the links to articles and other content they provide will likely not work from off campus. The easiest way to resolve this is to install the LibX browser plugin.Once installed, you can right-click on an article page and choose to reload that page through Off Campus Sign In so you'll be recognized as a Virginia Tech user.

Any alerting service could include a citation to an article that is accessible from a different source than the feed provides or is not part of any Virginia Tech Libraries subscription. Use the Citation Linker to lookup if the article is available elsewhere (enter just the DOI digital object identifier if the feed lists it) or to get a link to request the article through interlibrary loan.

Guide to RSS

Step 1

If you are not currently using a news reader, select one to maintain your collection of feeds. Popular readers:



Mac OS X

Search for more news readers

Step 2

Click on the name of the feed from the list to the left. In the top right corner of the feed page, click the Subscribe link.

Step 3

Copy the link (page URL) and paste it into a news reader.