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About Off Campus Sign In

Some of the library's resources—databases, ebooks, ejournals, and selected Virginia Tech electronic theses and dissertations - are restricted to currently employed faculty/staff, currently enrolled students registered in degree or credit courses, and retirees.

Users on the campus network (wired, wireless, or via VPN, including users on the Blacksburg campus or extended campuses) are automatically recognized by the providers of these resources as being part of the Virginia Tech community.

Users outside the campus network who access the Internet through a commercial ISP, their cellular network, a company's free wireless, or through their business or school network would not be recognized as being affiliated with Virginia Tech and thus must go through an extra step to gain that recognition. You can use either Off Campus Sign In on our web pages, or connect to the campus network via VPN (Virtual Private Network).

You are authenticated through a system called Off Campus Sign In that prompts you to enter your Virginia Tech PID and password. It then authorizes you if you are a current student, faculty, or staff member.

Off Campus Sign In access

  1. Off Campus Sign In

    Use the Off Campus Sign In button on any library page, enter your Virginia Tech PID and password, then hit the Submit button.
  2. You Are Signed In

    Authorized users will then pass through to the library page, where restricted resources can be accessed. The Off Campus Sign In button will now display You Are Signed In, to indicate you have been authenticated. If this button changes back to Off Campus Sign In, you have somehow been disconnected from the service and will need to sign in again.
  3. The links to restricted resources will look different than the on-campus direct links. Proxied links include the string in the URL. If you do not see this URL pattern when you attempt to access a database, ebook, or ejournal, you have been disconnected from the service and will need to sign in again.

LibX browser extension

LibX is a browser extension for Firefox or Chrome that can make reconnecting to a resource via Off Campus Sign In much easier. If you have reached a restricted resource, such as a database or ejournal, but forgot to use Off Campus Sign In first, and thus are not able to access the resource, a simple right-click on the page will bring up a menu including a Reload via Off Campus Sign In option. Simply log in and the page you were trying to access will now work.

Bookmarklets for other browsers

If you use a browser other than Firefox or Chrome or use a mobile device that does not allow installation of browser extensions, you can use a bookmarklet to gain the same functionality to reload a page through Off Campus Sign In. If you land on a restricted resource page, simply use the bookmarklet and sign in. 

Problems with Off Campus Sign In access

See the Off Campus Sign In Frequently Asked Questions if you have any problems using the service.

Need help?

Email the Distance Education support group or use the chat service below.

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