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Using Get VText service

After you have searched for an article in a database, you’ll want to access the actual article.If the article you are searching for is available, you will be linked directly to a reliable publisher. Some, but not all, of our databases will include full-text articles. When the article needed is not available in the database, look for the Get VText button or link to access the article elsewhere.

We have configured many of our subscription databases to present a Get VText button when a full-text article is not available. The button will appear regardless of whether the article is available online or in print in the Virginia Tech Libraries (no prior lookup is performed). This means that the appearance of the Get VText button does not necessarily ensure that the article is actually available. When the VText button is clicked, the search is performed. Get VText may or may not be able to locate the article elsewhere. However, Get VText is not a search engine. It does not index individual articles and never searches against a list of articles. The lookup is based solely on a simple table of journal titles and date ranges.

Get VText offers you multiple options for accessing your query. It is important to utilize the best one for you and your research. Below is a chart explaining all possible options available to you when using Get VText.

    Get VText flowchart

When you click the Get VText button, citation information is sent to the Get VText server; information including the journal title and ISSN; volume, issue and page number; and date of publication is used to determine if the article is available online. When possible, a link to the specific article is presented; sometime the article's vendor does not allow for article-level linking, other times not enough information is sent to construct an article level link. In these cases, you will often see a Journal link. Click the Journal link and then either manually drill down to the volume, issue, and page number you need or search for the article title at the site. If any physical copies are available, a link to Addison will also be presented. Use this link to determine what date range is available in print or microforms.

If no online access is found, links to Addison will be presented underneath. Look for the Addison links if you are attempting to access something other than a journal article, such as a book, a book chapter, or a conference paper. Try searching for the journal's ISSN or the book's ISBN then the journal's or book's title to see if the item is available in print. If a search result is returned in Addison, check your item's citation information, including date, volume and issue to verify if the item is available.

Finally, if no online link is presented, and you get no results from Addison, you will be presented with one more possible option for finding your article. If you are a Blacksburg campus patron, you may choose from two options. If Virginia Tech Libraries owns the article you are looking for, you may request desktop delivery. If Virginia Tech Libraries does not own the article, you may request it through ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan). 

If you are an extended campus patron, you will only be given one option here. Click "request through ILLiad." 

To make a request through ILLiad, click the Interlibrary Loan link, login to ILLiad (or setup a profile, if you are a first time user) and a filled-out article request or book request form will be presented. Verify that all required information is filled in and submit the request. ILLiad will keep you apprised of the status of your request.