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How to request a book

There are times when you will need to request a book (or other materials): when the book is checked out to another person, when the book is located in another library, when you want the library to purchase the book, when you are not a local resident, or when the Virginia Tech Libraries do not own the book.

Request an available book from Newman or branch library

Books listed as Available in Newman or the Blacksburg branches can be requested and will be pulled and held for you at the circulation desk or delivered to participating department offices via the Book Runner service. These books must be in their regular location (that excludes books in Reserve, on display, or on the new books shelf). Newman items are pulled three times a day on weekdays, twice a day on weekends. Branch libraries pull items twice a day weekdays and not on weekends. Check My Library Account for the status of your requests; books listed with a status of ON HOLDSHELF are probably waiting for you.

Books in the NVC Resource Center can be requested through ILLiad. Look for the link in the External Links box on the book's Addison record to start that request.

Request a checked out book

To request materials that have been checked out by another patron, search for the title in Addison. Use the request button at the top of the screen. Recalled items are due 21 days from when you submit the request or on the original due date: which ever comes first. Check My Library Account for the status of your requests; books listed with a status of ON HOLDSHELF are probably waiting for you.

Retrieve material from remote storage

If a book or bound journal is located in remote storage, you will either see a Request button next to it in a search results list or a Request button in the row of buttons at the top of the Addison screen. Click on the Request button, and Addison will ask you to enter your patron information (name and ID number) and pickup location. You can have material delivered to Newman, the Blacksburg branch libraries, or participating department office via the Book Runner service. Check My Library Account for the status of your requests; books listed with a status of ON HOLDSHELF are probably waiting for you.

Request a search for missing material

If you are looking for material you can't find on the shelf, double-check its status in Addison. Make sure it's not already checked out or put on Reserve and that you are looking in the right place. If you are sure you are looking in the right location, you should check the reshelving area on that floor for the material. Note that each shelving cart is in its own call number order. You may need to check multiple carts--or sides of carts.

If you still can not find a book after following the tips above, you may request the library conduct a search for the material by using the request button in Addison.

Search requests may take up to two business days to complete. You will be notified ASAP at the completion of the search. If the item is located, it will be held for you at the Circulation Desk unless it does not circulate. Otherwise, it will be set to status missing, and you are then eligible to use InterLibrary Loan to request the item.

Request the library purchase a book (or other material)

The Virginia Tech Libraries seriously considers all purchase suggestions. We ask that you check Summon to ensure we do not already own the book in question before submitting your request. Submit your request online.

Extended campus user access to books

If you reside outside of the New River Valley (outside the New River Valley counties of Montgomery, Giles, and Pulaski), then you are eligible to use ILLiad to have library materials (books, articles, and more) directly mailed to your home address. When you submit your request through ILLiad, interlibrary loan will fill the request from the University Libraries' collection or from the collections of other libraries (like common interlibrary loan requests are filled). Virginia Tech materials will be checked out to your library account; checkout periods will vary with your status.

When you locate a book (that can be checked out) in Addison, the library catalog, you'll see a link to request the book through ILLiad in the External Links box on the right side of the screen. Use this link to login to ILLiad and then be presented with a fill-out form to request the book. If the status of the book is Available, it should be picked up and mailed to you quickly. If the book is currently checked out, ILL will initiate a recall and mail the book once it has been returned.

Request a book not owned by the Virginia Tech Libraries

If you find a book (or other material) that you need for your research that is not owned by the Virginia Tech Libraries, you can submit a request to interlibrary loan, who will search other libraries for the book. If the request can be filled, the book will be mailed to the interlibrary loan department who will check it out to you. Borrowing periods and renewal options depend on the lending library.