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International students

Academic libraries in the United States may operate differently than ones you have used before. The Virginia Tech Libraries have professional librarians with expertise in your academic discipline ready to assist you with your assignments and research.

In addition to the resources listed here, you will also want to make use of the Undergraduate students and Graduate students pages.

Like many American college libraries, the Virginia Tech Libraries have open stacks where the material is arranged in call number order so you can browse and retrieve materials yourself.

Your instructors will expect you to make use of scholarly materials for your research and academic assignments (not just web sites found through Google). You'll need to understand how academic integrity requires documenting your sources.

We have lots of non-English language books and movies, plus resources for learning English and other languages.

Language learning materials
The libraries have books, CDs, and software to help students learn languages. offers several courses in English for speakers of other languages. The Language Resource Center offers all available Rosetta Stone languages, including English.
Find non-English language books and DVDs
Most of our foreign language materials are novels and other forms of literature. You can search Addison, the library catalog, and limit your results by language. This will show both materials in the language and English translations of those materials, though the language of the title will often indicate which language an item is in.
International newspapers
We receive some major international newspapers in print (on the 2nd floor of Newman Library). We also have access to hundreds of international newspapers in English and other languages. You can search the Journal Title Database for links and date ranges.

If you need assistance translating materials, bilingual dictionaries are a great resource. We have foreign language dictionaries online and in print.

  •     Paul Hover
  • Paul Hover
  • Assistant Director for International Outreach
  • 540-231-7469
  • 100X Newman Library
    560 Drillfield Drive
    Blacksburg, VA 24061