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Newman Library tour options

Library tours can be scheduled for classes or groups, or individuals can take a self-guided tour anytime we're open. Locations and services are highlighted, and the tour takes about an hour. You can use your mobile device or check out an iPad from the Circulation Desk.

Self-guided audio tours

Our primary tour option for individuals is a self-guided, audio tour option with a graded quiz that can be used to show attendance for classes that require participation or give extra credit. Contact Kerri Huff (540-231-6763) if you need a copy of your quiz grade sent to an instructor.

The tour consists of 16 different information stops/points, accessible by using a device to scan a QR code. Once scanned using the camera in your mobile device and its built-in reader or a separate app, your device will play an audio track (with some photos/videos) explaining the different services that are offered in Newman Library and how our collections are organized. The audio track at each stop will direct you to the next stop, where you will scan the next QR code.

To take the tour you will either need to use your smartphone or tablet or one of the library's iPads, have access to Virginia Tech's wireless network (we recommend wireless over a cellular data network since several sections of the library get little to no cellular signal), and have a set of headphone or earbuds to hear the narration. If you do not have a suitable device, then you can check out an iPad at the Circulation Desk. The Circulation staff will show you how to take the tour.

Class or group tours

Contact Kerri Huff (540-231-6763) to schedule a class or special group tour (most students should utilize the audio tour described above). The complete tour would use an entire 50 class period; we can also arrange an abbreviated tour followed by a brief introduction to online resources in one of our classrooms. A short quiz follows the tour that can be supplied to instructors as proof of attendance. 

Branch library tours

If you want to see one of the branch libraries - call and talk to the staff.

Newman Library Hours

Open 24/7 through May 10th.
Wed. May 11, 2016 - Closes at 8 P.M.

*During 24-hour operation, a valid Hokie Passport is required to access or remain in the library between 12 midnight and 7:30 a.m.