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Journal Title Database is now the most complete listing of periodicals

Jan. 7, 2010 – The Journal Title Database (formerly called the Ejournals Database) now offers the best means of locating journals (including magazines and newspapers). For many years, we have recommended starting your search in Addison, since you could view both online subscriptions and physical copies. Now these physical copies (both print volumes and microform formats) have been loaded into the Journal Title Database.

There are many ejournals that have never been loaded in Addison, such as freely available journals from Open Access sites. Thus while recommending starting a search in Addison, repeating that search in the old Ejournals Database was often necessary to see if online access was available for a journal not listed in Addison. Now all formats will be listed in one place.

As before, any online access will be noted by listing the date range available online and the vendor or publisher that provides that access. Print and microform copies will now be noted with a Journal link to the corresponding Addison record that will list the available date range. (These date ranges will not display in the Journal Title Database since many are incomplete, and each missing issue would create a longer and more confusing listing.)

Remember that the Journal Title Database searches only journal titles and ISSNs (International Standard Serial Number). It does not search for articles within journals; use a database to locate articles within journals.