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Addison upgrade: Reading history

Aug. 10, 2010 – Reading History is a service that records the title, author, and checkout date of materials you have checked out of the University Libraries collections. This is a frequently requested feature and is now available in the updated version of Addison. You must Opt In to the service before any items will be listed; only items checked out AFTER opting in will appear in the list. 

Before you opt in to the service, having an item (that's not overdue or damaged) checked in removes all traces of that item from your account. We have no records of items people checked out prior to this service.

To opt in to Reading History, login to My Library Account. Look for the Reading History button. Once you are in the Reading History page, you'll initially have an Opt In button. After you have opted in, any new items you check out will automatically appear in the list.

You may turn your Reading History OFF any time by logging into My Library Record, deleting all items from the list, then using the End/Opt Out button. If you choose to activate your Reading History, and later turn it off, all stored records will be deleted from the system. You can also delete individual items from the list. 

Please be aware that if you elect to keep a Reading History, it may be subject to examination by law enforcement authorities with a subpoena and without your permission.