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Apps and tools make using PDFs easier

Sept. 7, 2013 – A lot of the library's online resources come as PDFs: articles, ebooks, conference proceedings, and much more. Here are some recommended tools for working with these documents:

Mobile PDF apps

We recommend these apps for reading most of our downloadable ebooks:

Tabula for extracting tabular data

Tabula ingests text-based PDFs which then extracts tabular data into CSV files. It's available for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux flavors, and it's free. Here's a great summary.

Evernote for organizing PDFs

Evernote allows you to store and tag PDFs (as well as text files, pictures, saved web pages, and other file types). You can use Evernote to access PDFs from Macs, PCs, and most smart phones. If you upgrade to the premium version, all text within PDFs will be searchable.

Skim (OS X) for annotating PDFs

Skim allows you to highlight text, add notes to pages, add bookmarks to frequented pages, and more.