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  • Addison's Request button has lots of uses

    Addison's Request button is used to initiate several services. You'll typically need to login to My Library Account after using the button, if you have not already logged in. That way we can connect the item you are requesting to your account and notify you when we've completed our part of the request.

    Sep 08, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Apps and tools make using PDFs easier

    A lot of the library's online resources come as PDFs: articles, ebooks, conference proceedings, and much more. Here are some recommended tools for working with these documents:

    Sep 07, 2013 4:00 AM
  • ARL released infographic on copyright and fair use

    The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) presents theCode of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries (PDF), a clear and easy-to-use statement of fair and reasonable approaches to fair use developed by and for librarians who support academic inquiry and higher education. The Code was developed in partnership with the Center for Social Media and the Washington College of Law at American University.

    Sep 02, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Poster plotter now available in Newman Library

    We now have a poster plotter to which you can print presentations, maps, blueprints, and more oversized print jobs. Prints cost 3¢/square inch (see right column for sample prices). You can print on 24" or 36" wide paper up to 72" in length.

    Because there are no refunds for misprinted jobs, we strongly recommend printing only PDF documents (convert any other format to PDF). The Acrobat print window will display exactly how your output will fit on the selected page size and PDFs more accurately show how colors will appear on the paper.

    Sep 01, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Some limiting options removed from Addison (and work-arounds)

    We have eliminated four limiting options from Addison's search screens. These format-based limits, known as scopes in the system, were Journals, Government Documents, Online Resources, and Film and Video Collections. The location-based scopes (Newman Library, Art + Architecture Library, Northern Virginia Center, Special Collections, and Veterinary Medicine Library) remain.

    The format-based scopes have become much less useful after a number of other changes have been made in the catalog over the past year. In general, you can use the Material type limiter on advanced (and modify) search screen to accomplish the same goal.

    Aug 14, 2013 4:00 AM
  • MLA International Bibliography and LION literature databases now available through ProQuest

    MLA International Bibliography has moved from the Gale platform to ProQuest. This VIVA-supplied database has been supplemented with additional ProQuest hosted literature databases.

    MLA International Bibliography from ProQuest indexes citations to journal articles, books, dissertations, and scholarly web sites in disciplines such as language, literature, folklore, linguistics, literary theory and criticism, and the dramatic arts. Coverage includes literature from all over the world and includes citations to materials in many languages other than English. 1926-present. We also have access to MLA International Bibliography from Chadwyck Healey . Both databases contain the same data, so choose a particular platform when you want to cross search other databases on that same platform. For instance, you may want to also search Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts from ProQuest and thus choose MLA on the ProQuest platform, or you may also want to search Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL) from Chadwyck Healey and thus choose the Chadwyck platform.

    Literature Online (LION) from Proquest indexes citations, abstracts, and full text of journal articles, reviews and critiques, author biographies, and reference articles, plus full text works of poetry, drama, and prose, and multimedia recordings of works being read or performed. 1280-present.

    Aug 01, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Gale's Nineteenth Century Collections Online has added 4 additional archives

      Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) from Gale has added four archives to its collection of 19th-century research, a worldwide, multiyear digitization program which offers rare 19th-century primary sources such as newspapers, maps, and photographs from more than 80 institutions around the world. With the addition of the new archives, NCCO now has eight archives, and the entire program has more than 170 collections.

    Jun 26, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Web of Science database now includes book and conference proceedings citations

    We now have expanded coverage in the Web of Science: Citation Databases from Thomson . This database and it's three discipline-focused databases Arts & Humanities Citation Index from Thomson Web of Science , Science Citation Index from Thomson Web of Science , and Social Sciences Citation Index from Thomson Web of Science , have long included citations for journal articles from thousands of prominent journals. Now these databases also index citations of books and conference proceedings as well.

    Each of these databases allow for cited reference searching that allows you to track a paper's reference backwards in time and how a paper is cited in more recent publications. They also offer extensive analysis and reporting capabilities on authors and institutions that appear in multiple citations.

    Jun 16, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Web of Knowledge now provides two biology databases

    We now have two new biology databases on the platform (plus access to MEDLINE on that platform) for comprehensive access to citations in biology, agriculture, health, and medicine.

    BIOSIS Citation Index from Thomson Web of Science indexes journal articles, conference papers, books and book chapters, and patents on all areas of life sciences including molecular and cell biography, pharmacology, endocrinology, genetics, neurosciences, and ecology. You can perform cited reference searches. 1926-present.

    Zoological Record from Thomson Web of Science indexes citations, abstracts, and full text from journals, trade publications, magazines, books, conference proceedings and more in the biological sciences. You can find the first appearance of a species in the literature and track taxonomic and nomenclatural changes. 1864-present.

    Jun 10, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Data Citation Index now available

    Data Citation Index from Thomson Web of Science indexes data sets and studies from open and closed repositories, covering the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. It provides detailed records about each data set, offers links to the raw, primary data when possible, and standardizes citations for this material. 1900-present.

    Jun 09, 2013 12:00 PM
  • DOIs available from the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship

    The Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) has licensed the EZID service to enable digital object producers (researchers and others) to obtain persistent Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for their digital content. CDRS Services will create and maintain DOIs for works that are added to VTechWorks , the university’s digital repository. CDRS does not charge for assigning DOIs

    Jun 06, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Renew checked out books online

    As we approach the end of the semester, you may find you still need to use books you have checked out of the Virginia Tech libraries or books you've received from other libraries through interlibrary loan that are nearing their due dates. You can renew most checked out material online; some material cannot be renewed (Popular Reading books, bound journals, and DVDs cannot be renewed, but you can bring them to the circulation desk to be checked in and out again).

    Apr 14, 2013 4:00 AM
  • VIVA's STEM-H ebook initiative provides access to hundred of new publications

    VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia, received funds through the Virginia General Assembly for the purchase of STEM-H (scientific, technical, engineering, mathematics, and health) ebooks. Several packages from two major publishers (Springer and Elsevier) have been obtained. All ebooks published in 2013 in these packages will be added to our collection (currently that includes over 600 ebooks).

    Apr 02, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Information on using ebooks and e-readers like Kindles and Nooks

    None of our ebooks require using an e-reader device like a Kindle or Nook; at a minimum these ebooks can be read through your web browser. However, using ebooks on such a device or corresponding app on an iPad or Android tablet allows using their features, including bookmarking, zooming, and adding annotations.

    Mar 31, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Downloading ebooks may require additional software or creating an account

    All of our ebook packages allow you to read their ebooks while you are online through your web browser; no special device like a Kindle is required. Downloading these ebooks so you can read them offline, however, may require additional steps on your part. Most of our ebook providers supply their ebooks as PDFs (often one PDF per chapter). You can download these PDFs just like downloading an online article. You can then keep and use the PDF forever. We purchase ebooks from these providers whenever possible. Not all ebooks work this easily.

    Mar 28, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Start searches for ebooks in Summon (ebook records are being removed from Addison)

    The number of ebooks available through the Virginia Tech Libraries has increased exponentially in the last year, to over half a million. Our new E-preferred monograph acquisitions (ebook) policy means that the majority of our book purchases are the online version. The list of titles available to us as ebooks fluctuates every day; publishers' changing title lists and changing platforms means frequent updates to these lists. As a result of these frequent changes, we are no longer including records for these ebooks in Addison, the library catalog. We recommend searches for ebooks (and books and much more) begin in Summon . Summon includes records for almost all of the ebooks available to us through purchased packages, subscription packages, full-text databases, and open access/freely accessible ebooks, plus records for all of our print books, videos, and more from the library catalog. This one-stop database is the most comprehensive source of ebook (and book!) records.

    Mar 26, 2013 4:00 AM
  • New process for requesting NVC material be delivered to a Blacksburg branch

    Patrons needing material housed in the NVC Resource Center in Falls Church, Virginia to be delivered to one of our Blacksburg campus library branches (Newman, Art + Architecture, or Vet Med) can now use a new link in the External Links box on the Addison screen for that box. Use the "Blacksburg campus users can request this NVC item via ILLiad" link, log in to your ILLiad account, and submit the filled out form.

    Mar 14, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Mergent Intellect database provides business data and nationwide white pages

    Mergent Intellect provides business data and reports, industry news and profiles, executive contact information, plus nationwide residential white pages search.

    Mar 02, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Getting materials from branch libraries and missing items just got easier

    Having material delivered to and from Newman and the Blacksburg branch libraries (Art + Architecture and Veterinary Medicine) and reporting missing material just got easier as new functionality is added to Addison's request button.

    Feb 11, 2013 4:00 AM
  • EndNote iPad app now available

    The EndNote for iPad app is now available for downloading from the iTunes store for $1. The app enables users to easily view, edit, organize, and share bibliographic research material and PDFs on iPad. Using EndNoteSync with EndNote Web and EndNote Desktop (available as a free download to Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff) extends the power of EndNote for iPad and allows for seamless access to an EndNote reference library from multiple devices and platforms.

    Feb 08, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Alumni Library Portal now provides access to select databases

    We now provide a selection of databases (sources of journal articles and ebooks) for Virginia Tech alumni. While most databases are licensed solely for current students and faculty, these select databases, combined with our list of free, scholarly databases and licensed databases from your public library, provide a wealth of academic, consumer, and business publications and data.

    Feb 04, 2013 4:00 AM
  • ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library now available

    ASTM Compass provides full-text standards and technical engineering reports in PDF covering a wide range of engineering disciples: aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering. 1931-present.

    Feb 01, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Adaptors and chargers available from Newman circulation

    The Newman Library circulation desk is now checking out device chargers and adaptors for the media:scape stations in the Learning Commons.

    Jan 28, 2013 4:00 AM
  • RSS feeds now available for My Library Account

    You can now subscribe to RSS feeds of changes recorded in My Library Account. After adding the feed URL to your RSS feed reader or custom home page, you'll be notified when changes to your account occur.

    Jan 23, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Guide for international students now available

    We now have a guide for International students on library services and resource, particularly those that may be different from libraries in their native country. This guide complements existing guides we have for Undergraduate students and Graduate students .

    Jan 21, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Newman DVDs now checkout for 5 days

    Newman DVDs now checkout for five days (up from three). You can checkout up to three DVDs at a time.

    Jan 18, 2013 4:00 AM
  • Ask librarians questions via SMS text

    You can ask Text (SMS) questions to a librarian by sending the message to (540) 986-4614. Messages sent during hours when the reference desks are staff will be answered quickly; other messages will be answered when we reopen.

    Users with smart phones or devices with internet capabilities will be able to use the links we send. If you connect to the internet over your carrier's network (as opposed to using the Virginia Tech wireless network), you will need to use Off Campus Sign In to access restricted, subscribed resources. Very in-depth questions should be directed to our Ask a Librarian chat or a live phone call.

    Jan 06, 2013 7:01 AM