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The library uses several means to notify you

Jan. 5, 2014 – There are many cases when the library needs to notify you:

  • A book ready to pick up
  • An interlibrary loan is ready to download
  • A book is coming due
  • A book is overdue
  • Fines to pay
  • Material you have checked out has been recalled

We use several methods to communicate these cases to you:


Email is our primary means of communication with our patrons. All circulation-related notices are emailed to the address shown in My Library Account. For Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff, that will be your address. (If you'd like notices to be sent elsewhere, set a forwarding address for your PID.)

Circulation emails are sent by Addison twice a day. You can check on these circulation issues in My Library Account instead of waiting for the email.

Interlibrary loan uses the email address you've set for your ILLiad profile. ILLiad sends emails as soon as an item is ready to pick up or be downloaded.

Text message (SMS)

You can also receive text messages for circulation notices. These notifications go out as soon the issue occurs, except after 10:30pm, when texts are held until 8:00am. Just go to My Library Account to opt in and configure your phone number to receive texts.

RSS feeds

RSS is a push method of notification. You can configure an RSS reader with the URL of your library account's feed, then the reader would indicate whenever a circulation notification is waiting. Just login to My Library Account and look for the rss feed icon to copy your feed URL.