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Google Scholar

Google Scholar

    Google Scholar
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Google Scholar

Google's search engine for scholarly research: the ease of Google searching combined with the quality resources you find in library databases. It indexes citations, abstracts, and full-text articles, books, conference proceedings, theses, online repositories, patents, legal cases, and more. Google Scholar is particularly good when starting research and canvassing the literature or as a final search on a topic. Use this search box for Google Scholar and automatically see Get VText lionks to access full-text content through the libraries' subscription:

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Google Scholar tracks citations to the articles and other documents in its database. Start by finding your article (probably by searching the title). Then look for the Cited By link beneath the result.

    Google Scholar search results

Clicking through that link will show all sources in the Google Scholar database that cite your article or book. (Note that Google Scholar now also links to Web of Science's list of citing references.) Keep these limitation of Google Schoilar in mind:

  • Web of Science tracks cited references for articles published back to the 1950s; Google Scholar's cited references are much more recent.
  • Google Scholar is very poor at de-duplicating results, so the cited by counts are artificially high.

Google Scholar does list citations in non-traditional sources lige government and NGO reports that are not tracked by Web of Science.

You can set up a profile on Google Scholar to "claim" your publication and track future citations. See the Track my citations in Google Scholar screencast for direction.

Cited reference searching starts with a specific article, book, or other publication. Usually your first step is to find that publication in the database you are using. That may mean searching the title, but sometimes you'll use the author's name. Since citations for this publication can vary, expect the need to select from among variations or to perform multiple searches and combining the results.

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