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Step 1. From the advanced search screen, choose "Author-AU" in the drop down menu. After that selection the "Look up Authors" link appears (see box below). If you are only searching for citations to an author's journal articles, the search can be limited to Scholarly Journals, located below the search boxes. Peer Reviewed is also an option.

*Note: success with this method varies by how common an author's name is. If an author search results in too many false hits, it may be best to search for article titles using the "Document Title" field limit in the drop down menu rather than author. Although this will entail more searches, it may ultimately be more efficient. Another option is to narrow results by subject, which may prove effective in eliminating false hits (see the right side bar in the image in Step 5 below).

Step 2. Enter the last name and first initial. It seems best to leave the default "Contains" limit.  Click Find.

Step 3.  Select the appropriate versions of the author name and click Add to Search.

Step 4.  Back on the advanced search screen click Search.

Step 5. If the article has been cited by other documents in ProQuest databases, Cited by (N) will appear below the citation. 

 Step 6.Clicking on the Cited by N link will produce a list of those records. A citing dissertation can be identified by Diss.

Cited reference searching starts with a specific article, book, or other publication. Usually your first step is to find that publication in the database you are using. That may mean searching the title, but sometimes you'll use the author's name. Since citations for this publication can vary, expect the need to select from among variations or to perform multiple searches and combining the results.

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