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Lockers in Newman Library

Newman Library lockers are now self-service. You can select any available locker and set your own passcode.


  • Library staff will conduct frequent and unannounced locker inspections to ensure compliance with locker use rules.
  • Unauthorized items and materials will be removed from lockers. Lockers found not in compliance may have the passcode reset and personal property removed.
  • Lockers are for use of Virginia Tech Library patrons only.
  • Please limit locker use to one locker per person.
  • Do not store food or drink in lockers.
  • Only personal property and properly checked out library materials may be kept in lockers.
  • Lockers must be vacated at the end of each semester (fall, spring, summer). All items must be removed from lockers, and anything found after semesters end will be temporarily stores at the Circulation Desk.
  • You should memorize your passcode and keep it secure. Lost or forgotten passcodes should be reported to the Circulation Desk, who will verify ownership before restoring access.
  • We may change these rules at any time and will make our best effort to notify patrons of changes.



Open (unlocked) Open (unlocked)


Closed (locked) Closed (locked)

  • Available lockers are unlocked, empty, and have no blinking lights.
  • Turn the lock to the open position.
  • Place items into empty locker.
  • Choose a 4-digit passcode. (Record your passcode and locker number somelace safe.)
  • With the lock in the open position (horizontal), enter your 4-digit passcode. The blue light will blink when the code is accepted.
  • Close the locker door and turn the lock to the closed position (vertical).
  • The locker is now locked. The red light will blink every 5 seconds to confirm it is locked.
  • Enter your 4-digit passcode again to unlock the locker. Once you unlock, your n4-digit passcode is cleared, and the locker is reset an ready for the next user. Need to use it again immediate? Follow the step above again.

Common issues

  • When you enter your passcode, the lock will disengage for four seconds. If you don't open the locker in time, the lock will re-engage and you'll need to enter your passcode again.
  • Need assistance? Come to the second floor Circulation Desk.
  • Forgot your passcode? Come to the Circulation Desk. It may take 24 hours for items to be retrieved from the locker by a technican. Remember your code!