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Vet Med Library policies

Use of the library

The Vet Med Library is an information resource for persons involved in the study, teaching, research, and service activities of veterinary medicine and its related disciplines. It is the policy of this library to provide a quiet environment conducive to the pursuits of these activities. Patrons whose actions or behaviors are disruptive to maintaining such an environment will be denied use of the library.

Food and drinks

To protect library materials and equipment from damage caused by spilled beverages or food, to avoid potential insect and rodent infestations, and to maintain the professional appearance of the environment, food and drinks are not allowed in the public areas of the library. Patrons violating the policy will be asked to take the food and beverages outside the library. Failure to comply with the request will result in disciplinary action by library personnel on duty, CVM administrator, or campus security officer.

General circulation policies

The circulation policies of the main library on general materials apply to materials in all the branch libraries. In the Veterinary Medicine Library these policies do not apply to visiting scientists and students. They have to check out materials through their sponsors who are required to complete a proxy borrowing form granting them permission to do so for a specified time.

Reserve materials

  • Reserve materials circulate for two-hours unless otherwise specified. Exceptions to the two-hour limit will be noted on the sign-out card.
  • Reserve materials may be renewed for additional two-hour periods if no HOLD has been placed on the returned materials.
  • Items returned late will result in a fine of one dollar for the first hour and a dollar for each additional half hour, with a maximum fine of $10.
  • Failure to return overdue Reserve materials which has accrued a maximum fine of $10 will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges of Reserve materials for a period of one month.
  • Failure to pay Reserve fines by the end of the semester will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges of Reserve materials for a period of one month at the beginning of the following semester.

Special materials

  • Special categories of materials such as journals, audiovisual programs, and some reference books, are checked out manually through special permission.
  • Only Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and graduate/DVM students have special permission check-out privileges.
  • Journals and reference materials checked out through special permission circulate overnight and are due the following day. Audiovisual programs circulate for two weeks unless they are on Reserve, whereby Reserve circulation policies apply.
  • Overdue returns of materials checked out through Special Permission will result in suspension of special permission borrowing privileges for a period of one month.

Courier service

  • Any person may ask to have delivered to the Veterinary Medicine Library materials held in other libraries on campus and at the library storage facility.
  • There is a limit of 15 items per person, per day for all delivered materials.
  • Materials will be kept for 48 hours behind the Circulation Desk. If they are not picked up within the 48-hour period, they will be returned and the returned items will not be requested again for the same patron for the next two days.

Contact us

  • Kiri DeBose
  • Head of Veterinary Medicine Library and Librarian for Animal Sciences
  • (540) 231-6610
  • Veterinary Medicine Library
    265 Duck Pond Dr
    Blacksburg, VA 24061
Located in the Phase III Building of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

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